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Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
"Triple Team Partnership"
Fact Sheet

Triple Team Partnership Description:

The Triple Team Partnership is a public service campaign focused on the San Francisco Bay Area. Based on the National Talking with Kids about Tough Issues campaign, the goal of the campaign is to encourage Bay Area parents to talk early and often with their kids about some of life's most challenging issues: sex, violence, drugs and alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

Triple Team Partners & Special Features:

To help us get this message out, we've enlisted the help of three of the region's biggest sports heroes, Rich Gannon of the Oakland Raiders, Antawn Jamison of the Golden State Warriors and Gil Heredia of the Oakland A's. Throughout 2001, you will see each of our celebrity athletes teaming up to spread the Talk message, starting with the free Triple Team Calendar.

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Each month (on our home page) we will feature a special "Triple Team" event hosted by one of our sponsors.

FREE - Triple Team Sports Calendars:

(For Bay Area Residents Only)

This may be the most valuable calendar you will ever own. In addition to photos of our celebrity athletes in action, each month has tips to make talking with kids about tough issues easier. Use this calendar as a reminder!

The best way to make sure your kids make healthy decisions later in life is to talk with them early and often about difficult subjects. Use our "tip of the month" as a starting point for these talks. We hope everyone in your family will enjoy this calendar. Hang it in a location where everyone can see it (for example, in the kitchen or family room).

The calendar is also full of information about the upcoming school year and events relating to Talking with Kids. Use it during the school year to identify school holidays and vacations. Add your own notes for days that are important to your family. Whether you mark it with birthdays and anniversaries, or mark days to talk with your kids, we hope you will find this to be a useful tool.

Order your calendar at 1-800-CHILD44 (while supplies last)

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