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We want to hear your stories about talking with your kids about tough issues like sex, drugs and alcohol, AIDS, and violence.

Please check one of the following:

Yes, I'd be willing to share my story with a reporter as part of the Talking With Kids campaign. I understand that by giving you my email address or phone number that I may be contacted by a reporter to tell my story.
No, I'd rather my story be kept anonymous.

Please use the space provided below to tell us your story. We've provided some questions that may be helpful in getting started.



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When was the first time you talked with your child about a tough issue? What issue did you discuss? Who started the conversation? How old was your child? What did you tell them? How did it go? What, if anything, helped you feel prepared for the conversation?

Many parents today are talking about tough issues with their young children that their parents never talked with them about. What did you talk with your parents about? What is different in how you talk with your kids?


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Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
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